Awards season is here and the incredible Met Gala this week did not disappoint with the breathtaking dresses and beautiful hair! Gustav shares his opinion and insights on some of his favourite hairstyles and trends spotted at the Met Gala for your next appointment inspo!

Before we get into his individual favourite looks, the half up half down really made an appearance this year. This is coming back on trend and as you can see on the many celebrities wearing this style, it opens up the ear area which gives a youthful expression. It is also can be used to create more detail and dimension to a hairstyle.

Sydney Sweeney

The reason I love this look is it is a tribute to 80's and 90's big hair but is still undone. It has big volume like italian style but the ends are not overly curled.  The style is fresh and modern but with an old, classic twist.

Lily James

The shorter crop fringe looked incredible, micro fringes are such an easy way to open up the face to showcase beautiful bone structure and cheekbones and focus on the eye area.

Kim Kardashian

Classic italian style, effortless chic but still very glamourous. The hairstyle looks like it belongs on the Italian Coast in Portofino with her sipping champagne.

Lily Aldridge

This bob is classic and simple with a square line bob - super on trend right now. We see this look a lot at the moment and call it the Italian bob, where it is more square and full through the bottom and textured. Super chic and very expensive looking.