With the 5th month of the year now in progress, it coincides with our amazing new haircare range GF Fabulosity’s 1-5 system guaranteed to increase your hair health and feel amazing this May! We look forward to the King’s coronation and the hairstyles that will reflect that special day and creating fabulous hair to go with the extra bank holiday.

May hair trends are all about a mixture of texture and softness but with a little sprinkle of boldness within the colour palette. Hair is important to our identity and how it makes us feel, from big luscious curls to soft textured looks. Lines and geometry play an important part in the structure of hair which is integrated in both cut and colour forms.

From classic chic and sophisticated cuts to the more modern styles that have a more “no fuss” and “effortless” approach. There is beauty in the functionality of a refined haircut and colour that can be at one with the client and reflect their personality and work for their lifestyle.

Blended among the beautiful cuts are colour tones that have a mixture of flare and elegance to show our individuality and love of all things that represent the beauty in nature and our uniqueness, but also to stay on style with the latest trends.

We at Gustav Fouche are now in full flow with the season of spring and want our hair to reflect this in our wonderful, beautiful fabulosity hairstyles! Book an appointment for your hair refresh this spring!

Written by stylist Edward.