JUNE 2023 Newsletter

Today’s newsletter is slightly different and one that Gustav asks you to take a couple of minutes to read as it is personally close to his heart. Gustav will be hosting a charity event at the salon in partnership with Future Dreams as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This month we also are celebrating the revolutionary GF Fabulosity Hair and Scalp Elixir treatment being shortlisted for the ‘Best UK Product’ in the Natural Health and Beauty Awards 2023. Gustav shares how this product’s natural botanical ingredients can help to protect your hair from the sun.

Finally, Beata shares how you can boost and care for your skin this summer with a simplified skincare routine and Evy SPF products.

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  1. Protect your hair against sun damage

  2. shortlisted for the ‘Best UK Product’

  3. Future Dreams charity event

  4. Simplify your skincare this summer.

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