At Gustav Fouche, we understand the common struggle many client’s face when drying their hair at home. Achieving salon-perfect results requires knowing the correct method for your specific hair type. Today, we'll share some of Gustav’s expert tips to help you rough dry your hair to perfection and overcome frizz-related challenges.

For those with silky and finer hair seeking volume, try blow-drying your hair with your head tilted upside down. This technique lifts the roots and creates that enviable volume you desire. Don't forget to incorporate a brush for added control and styling precision and to add extra bounce.

When it comes to temperature and speed, aim for high heat and low speed. High airflow can disrupt the cuticle layer and hinder our ability to detect when the hair is adequately dry. By adjusting to a low speed, we maintain better control and help the cuticle to lay flat.

If your hair tends to be frizzy and you desire a smooth finish, remember to direct the airflow from the top down, pointing the hairdryer downwards. Avoid pointing the dryer directly at your hair, as this can disrupt the cuticle and result in unwanted frizz. Always follow the direction of the cuticle, moving from the top downwards. The airflow will assist in smoothing and flattening the cuticle, leaving your hair looking shiny and sleek. You can achieve this technique simply by using your hands.

Choosing the right products is also important. For frizz-prone hair, opt for products with a higher moisture content to enhance shine and smooth the cuticle. Our GF Fabulosity number 4 or 5 is perfect for providing the moisture your hair needs, delivering exceptional shine and a silky-smooth finish.

Mastering the art of rough drying can elevate your at-home hair routine and give you salon-worthy results. Follow these expert tips, choose the right products, and let your hair shine with Gustav Fouche's advice. If you ever have any hair concerns or questions please do DM us on instagram, Gustav loves to answer your questions and help you with his weekly lives.