As we enter autumn we love adding warm caramel tones and dimension through balayage. Many clients can confuse the term balayage and ombre so lets explain the difference. In essence, Balayage is a method while Ombre represents a colour gradient.

Balayage focuses on the technique of application. The term "Balayage" is derived from the French word meaning "to sweep." When applying Balayage, not all ends are necessarily impacted, resulting in a longer, more naturally transitioning shift from dark to light.

On the other hand, Ombre involves colouring all the ends, creating a relatively shorter transition from the deeper roots to the lighter tips. The term "Ombre" originates from the French word for "colour that is shaded or graduated in tone."

The Ombre effect manifests as a dual-toned hair colour, often featuring darker or natural shades at the roots that seamlessly blend into lighter hues. However, there's a clear distinction between the root and end colours.

By Andre