With a new season approaching it is the perfect time to explore a new haircut and revive your look. Debbie shares some refreshing haircut ideas for a stylish transformation this autumn/winter. From shaggy retro bobs to super polished blunt mini bobs, there are new styles for everyone using our 3D dry cut method.


Embrace your unique natural texture to achieve a soft, sexy, and playful appearance. Consider adding a chic blunt fringe to elevate your style with a polished touch.


For a touch of nostalgia, give your retro bob a modern twist by incorporating a trendy curtain fringe. The 90s shag is making a comeback, offering a fun and versatile option for shorter lengths.


Experiment with mini blunt bobs that can be either chin-hugging for a sleek look or shaggy and wild for a more carefree vibe. If you're looking to update your long layers, opt for a shaggy, wind-blown effect that adds texture and movement to your hair. Complete your look by incorporating a blunt fringe for a refined finish that's easy to maintain and style.

Discover these low-maintenance, natural texture-enhancing haircuts and unleash your playful side while embracing your unique beauty. Book a consultation and cut now by contacting the salon 0207 229 1818 or [email protected].

By Debbie