At a certain time in our lives we all have to come to terms with the fact that our hair texture and colour are changing and that the hairstyle we’ve been wearing might need a bit of restyling to keep us looking at our best.

Many women start growing out their natural hair colour, or in most cases their grey hair.  Dame Judy Dench or Dame Helen Mirren are both great examples of how the right haircut can compliment their natural hair, making for a super chic and sophisticated look.

I do realise this is a big ask and not for everyone - my mother was one of those ladies who said "I’ll never stop tinting my hair!", but about a year ago she did grow out her natural colour and thanks to her modern hair cut she looks great and the colour doesn't wash her out.

Photo Credit; The Times

Here are a few of my personal opinions and do’s and don’ts. 

First of all, if you do have highlights in your hair, avoid having thick and stripy highlights, they are from a time long gone. The trend these days is for soft, natural and fine highlights, or even balayage to break up one all over colour for movement and texture.

Secondly, move away from very long one length hair which is very ageing and may unecessarily elongate your face. Add some layers around your face to soften the overall appearance.

Photo credit : The Telegraph

Hair that is too dark and flat in colour or tone can be very ageing, especially if you’re naturally grey and have a noticeable regrowth after two weeks.

Hair that is too dark can make you appear pale and washed out. Avoid this by giving your hair some dimension and movement by breaking up any block colour with fine highlights around the face or balayage.

Photo credit: Iles Formula

Lastly, avoid hair that is too flat on the head. A lot of woman struggle with hair getting finer as they’re getting older and a lack in volume can add some extra unwanted years.

Wear the hair a little bit shorter for some volume and even a soft fringe is more suitable for ladies getting a bit older.

Words by Gavin