Our scalp is the part of the body that we don’t often see or even pay much attention to, unless it gets itchy or needs a good shampoo (or two).

The scalp is very important. A healthy scalp, with healthy hair follicles, the little ‘holes’ our hair sprouts from, generates healthy hair and this is something we all want. It is so important to use a good shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp while nourishing and hydrating the hair. 

A regular scalp massage can encourange blood flow to the scalp and promote hair growth. Rinsing your hair with luke warm water will help preserve the all important natural oils that our hair needs to keep healthy and hydrated. Always be sure you rinse our any excess shampoo and conditioner.

Our diets have a very important impact on our scalps and hair, drinking enough water and getting enough exercise. Good quality ingredients in our diet will ensure we have a healthy body and this will show in our hair and scalp.

There’s a great number of products on the market to exfoliate the scalp. By removing impurities and product build-up from the scalp and follicles. I thoroughly recommend the Leonor Greyl Régénéréscence Narurelle - a 100% natural purifying oil that  stimulates the scalp, removing dead cells and encouraging hair growth. The oil contains no preservatives, and is made up from a number of natural oils, like Borage and Chilli oil, Jojoba, lemon and geranium.

Treat yourself to this ritual scalp treatment in-salon treatment, where  we take great care to distribute the oil in circular moments, making sure the whole scalp is covered and impurities removed. Suitable for anyone suffering from a dry scalp, itching or light dandruff.

Words by Gavin