Our social media editor, Kate Yuille, has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest Insta trends - and the bubble pony didn't escape her eye. Originally spotted on the Versace catwalk, it's now the must-have sexy 'do' for this party season. Kate has the step-by-step know how, all you need are elastic bands and a good comb or bristle brush for backcombing. 

The good news is that this trend is incredibly easy to recreate yourself, literally in minutes. Start by creating a regular ponytail, this can either be as high as possible or at the nape of your neck. Then begin brushing your hair backwards using your comb or brush to backcomb and create a fluffy teased look. At regular intervals add another hair elastic, we recommend approximately every 2 inches, making sure to backcomb each section first! You can finish by slightly pulling the hair in each bubble to make them even bigger and sexier! Follow these instructions and be left with Instagram ready hair.