Long, short or messy fringes are a face-changer. They literally suit any face shape, framing and accentuating your best features - eyes, cheeks or even your lips. But right now, post lockdown, we are being asked for longer 'grown-out' bangs – soft and sexy and incredibly versatile whether your hair is up or down. Sweep to the left or right or create a centre parting with Farrah Fawcett flicks. Added to this Gustav loves the trend for colour face framing, with strobes of colour or money piece highlights to give that sun-kissed, just back from holiday glow (and we all need a bit of that right now!) "A fringe is a great place to start if you've never coloured your hair before," says Gustav. "It can be as subtle or strong as you want to go. Not only is it fun but guarantees an extra level of framing while brightening your overall look".

Take a look at our gallery below for your ultimate fringe inspiration:

* all photos from Pinterest