We are so excited to be offering Environ facials at the Gustav Fouche salon with our incredibly skilled beautician Shenaz. Keeping your skin hydrated is vital as the weather gets colder and can become drying. Over the last year we have also learnt that wearing face masks can leave your skin looking dull and in need of extra love. With our Environ facials you can combat fine lines and other signs of ageing as well as give your skin an extra glow and boost for the autumnal sunshine.

Essential Youth Reset

An advanced youth-enhancing facial to combat the visible signs of fine lines, sun-damage and dull looking skin.

Duration 60 | 90 mins

Youth Renew Cool Peel

Gently peel away the effects of time for radiantly smooth and healthy-looking skin.

Duration 60 | 90 mins

Vibrant C-Micro Peel

A fresh vitamin C-infused peel to revive the appearance of sun damaged, rough and tired-looking skin.

Duration 45 mins

Want to see one of our facials in action? Click HERE to see Gustav experiencing his facial glow up.

Add a facial to your next hair appointment or book in for a regular monthly facial treatment with Shenaz. To book email [email protected] or call 0207 229 1818 or WhatsApp 07305 365432.