It’s finally wedding season! And we’re all looking forward to celebrating with our friends and family! But many of us might feel a bit nervous at the prospect of making that all important speech. Fear not, check out this fun
podcast, How to make the Perfect Wedding Speech.

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Robin Kermode is one of Europe’s top communication coaches and his podcast, The Art of Communication, now has over 40,000 listeners. Here are Robin’s five Top Tips for delivering a Wedding speech:

1. Don’t get jokes off the internet.

Tempting though it is to tell a funny joke, remember that you’re not there to do stand-up - you’re there to make the Bride and Groom’s day as special as possible. Jokes that have nothing to with them are a no-no. Everything in your speech must be about them. What audiences really love are stories - especially if they are about the Bride and Groom. So, try telling funny stories rather than jokes.

2. Find the stories funny yourself.

Once you’ve planned your speech, give yourself a break and come back to it after a few hours. Are those funny jokes or stories really quite as funny with a clear head? Better to cut them out now than be left with egg on your face on the day. But if you still find them funny then hopefully other people will too.

3. Be age appropriate with humour.

Ideally all ages, from the grandparents right through to young children, will enjoy your speech – and not be offended. I often suggest setting out some family pictures, perhaps your grandparents or little nieces and nephews and practice giving your speech to those photographs! If it passes that test it’s probably okay.

4. Using props

I’ve seen people bring out old school reports which can work well but if your speech relies on props like this – you must remember to bring them with you. There is no worse feeling than realising you’ve left your props at home. Big props require effort; ask yourself if the joke really is worth lugging around a double bass all day?!

5. Using Quotes

I often hear speeches at weddings that start with “As so and so once said …”, and I think, “Yes, but what do you say?!

I think you can only start your speech with a quote if it’s directly related to the Happy Couple; so, for example, you could open with: “I’d like to start with a quote: [Say the quote]. You might think that was said by Winston Churchill. In fact, it was said by [Groom] – when he was seven!

Finally, always remember …

Wedding audiences will always laugh encouragingly because they are willing you to be brilliant. So chose your stories and your jokes well, do a little bit of planning, and enjoy!