Although the root smudges and halo blondes are still here to stay, now we are embracing classic foliage and traditional highlights for 2022! Think of the ultimate 90's blonde which is seen on celebrities such as Hilary Duff. With these super fine highlights you will lift your hair to a stunning all over blonde effect which is bright for the summer but still keeping dimension from the highlighting technique

Another trend we are seeing to tie into the highlights is using slices in the underneath sections of the hair to really lift these often darker sections without the need for a full head.

Photo credits (L) pinterest (M) pinterest (R) Refinery29


When it comes to the tones of your hair, leave behind your silver rinse and ashy toners because it is all about the buttery and warm toned expensive blondes and coppers. Think of Adele and Khloe Kardashian who have beautiful golden hair but it isn’t brassy and looks super expensive.

Adding warm tones into the hair brightens up your complexion to create a healthy glow in the skin compared to more ashy tones which can sometimes wash out the skin.

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We also are loving the warmer copper tones at the salon! A glossy deep copper is a great alternative for someone who wants to keep their hair darker. For lots of copper hair inspiration, make sure you take a look at our instagram page where we have plenty of copper transformations.