We often get asked how to maintain a curl, this month Gustav recommends his two favourite styling aids to define your curls. His products of choice are Leonor Greyl 'Eclat Naturel' and 'L'huile De Leonor Greyl'.

A 2 drops of the L'huile De Leonor Greyl oil with the Eclat Naturel and scrunch this into the curly hair. The Eclat Naturel is a styling cream for dry hair and has a little hold. The L'huile De Leonor Greyl oil will give you added moisture. We don't want to use too much of these products as they can result in weighing down your hair but using a small amount of these products will give stunning results which make your curls look expensive and defined!

What are your curly hair tips and favourite products? Message us on instagram or comment on our latest post with your tips, we would love to know.

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