Clients often ask for haircare shampoo and conditioners recommendations but we must not forget to also take care of our scalps. As the summer is coming, it can dry out our skin and this includes your scalp.

Gustav uses the Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle oil himself, it is natural product which exfoliates and calms downs the skin. The bottle has a rollerball cap which makes it easy to rub throughout the scalp. When applying Gustav makes sure to particularly focus on areas where he knows sometimes product isn’t rinsed out thoroughly which is commonly behind the ears.

Once it is all over his scalp and saturated, he then massages and presses the oil into the skin. He recommends leaving it on for around 10 minutes to learn the sensitivity of your skin, he leaves the oil on overnight so this does vary for each individual. This product will leave your skin exfoliated and your follicles fabulous! 

To purchase this product to try yourself, please visit the salon.