We understand that sometimes hairdressing terminology can leave client’s wanting to learn more so over the past few months we have been sharing explanations to common colour techniques and hair types on social media. This month we want to talk about the difference between a gloss and a toner.

We love using both glosses (like Wella Shinefinity) and toners in the salon, especially in the autumn and winter to add some extra oomph to your hair. So…what is the difference?


A toner is what we can use to eliminate an unwanted colour. For example when bleaching hair, to neutralise red or orange shades. We can also use it to darken hair down or give a target shade.


In contrast a gloss is 50% colour and 50% treatment. This is an amazing choice for client’s who have sensitive hair because of natural texture or chemical/mechanical damage. The colour component will give you the target shade and shine, while the treatment part will help to enhance the condition and porosity whilst helping your colour hold better.


The Wella Shinefinity range is amazing for adding a stunning shine to your hair and can enhance your hair colour with the pigmented range through non-commitment colour (add a darker tone or copper hue) or if you are a blonde just wanting to add some extra va va voom to your locks then there is also a non-colour Shinefinity gloss option as well.

Shinefinity is a 10-15 minute glossing service which is carried out at the basin. The service can be added onto a blow dry or a regular cut to inject some extra shine and vibrance back into your hair for a little extra autumn glamour. If you have your colour booked for a regular root tint etc. then this gloss can also be used to refresh the ends.

When you next come to the salon ask your stylist if they recommend a toner or a gloss for you. Both are fabulous choices for this Christmas season.