“I’ve found a way to use challenge as performance fuel and turn obstacles into opportunities – and it all started with a moment of total self-belief on a mountain”.
Sarah MacDonald, Founder.

Fear, anxiety and “I can’t, I won’t” can be a normal part of life. After all, our brain is designed to scan for threat and danger. It’s a basic survival mechanism to protect us and keep us safe.

My greatest fear has always been skiing.  I’ve put myself through trembling on the mountain top, burning legs, tears, negative thoughts and many falls.  That all changed in the beautiful Pyrenees in 2018. Duncan my ski instructor had been really listening to me, paying more attention to my mindset than to my physical ski techniques, and I felt like I was progressing. Mid-week, I headed out early, first on the lifts with quiet slopes and perfect weather. My calmness dissipated when Duncan said we were heading up to the top of the red run, and the usual negative self-talk kicked in. But before we set off, he said, “You’ve got this, just follow my line”.

I can only describe the next five minutes as total euphoria. Everything felt like it just came together in that moment. The feeling was so intense, so utterly overwhelming, it was like I was flying. Everything I’d experienced over so many years suddenly seemed to count. I trusted Duncan and, importantly, I trusted myself. I realised that none of the struggle over the years was a waste of time, and recognising that had an immediate and profound impact on me.

I wanted to bottle that high and sprinkle it in all areas of my life. I felt stronger mentally than I had in a long time. I believed in myself. I was confident. I knew I needed to do something with this powerful experience. I couldn’t just keep this for myself, I needed to share this with others. So, on that very same day, on that special mountain, The Leadership High was born.

Having experienced the impact of physical challenge on my overall performance I wanted to explore the impact this could have on leaders and teams in the workplace. TLH believe your confidence is like a muscle. Use it, challenge it, and it will grow stronger. At TLH we call this the Confidence Muscle ® and it helps you access and activate trust in yourself and others. Our mission is to democratise confidence.

At The Leadership High, we provide transformation experiences of all shapes and sizes, virtually and face to face. These experiences draw on challenges from past and present, delve into the inner workings of your brain, and help you develop a state of mind that lets you live a life full of opportunity.

One of our Transformation experiences is called TLH Altitude. TLH Altitude is our Physical Activation Experience developed for leaders to fuel their performance as they go in pursuit of better. We believe that recreational challenge is one of the best ways to understand your mind and body and this experience will help you to harness your mental and physical power.

TLH Altitude will operate in the Winter of 2022 in the beautiful Pyrenees. We take you high for perspective and reflection using recreational challenge and skiing to enhance the learning journey  and to support your leadership growth.

Dates  7 – 11 March 2022. Please contact us if you would like to join us.

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