As we get older our bodies change and so does our hair. As we come into our 30s our scalp and hair can start to become more drier.  White hairs appear in the texture making it feel coarser so the way your hair feels and acts can be different to how it was in your 20s.

Protein balance

White hair is hair with no melanin in it, because of this it is very important we look after it even more. If it is very silky you must add more protein to your haircare to help with strength. As we become more mature, our moisture levels become lower so it is important to really hydrate the hair topically to boost the overall appearance and health of the hair.

Avoid silicones

As always you must avoid silicones in your haircare routine, this is especially important when your hair is changing as it can cover how our hair is acting and we need to keep it as healthy as possible.

The problem with non soluble silicones is they seal the hair strand, preventing moisture to penetrate the hair. Hair becomes a magnet for dirt and over time the hair accumulates more product build up. As a result the hair becomes limp and weighed down, looks dull and appear lifeless. Non soluble silicones cannot be removed or penetrate with water, which in the long run damages the hair.

These silicones attach to the hair, creating a plastic like film, preventing hair to absorb water and nutrients and air. Over a long course of use, the hair dries out and become stiff and brittle – which ultimately causes breakage.

Colour treatments

With any colour it is so important to be extra careful and not use any damaging methods and be aware of chemicals or excess heat. Discuss with your stylist all the colour options available to you.

Scalp and skin

As with our hair our scalp and skin will become drier as we age. Exfoliate and keep the scalp and skin healthy too to boost hydration. The health of your scalp is as important as the skin on your face! The first thing you can do to help keep your scalp healthy is to exfoliate weekly. This helps to cleanse product build up and sebum, shampoo doesn’t always do this so you can use an oil, this also aids with reducing any inflammation. One amazing product for this is the Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle oil which is a natural product which exfoliates and calms downs the skin.

The bottle has a rollerball cap which makes it easy to rub throughout the scalp. When applying make sure to particularly focus on areas where you know sometimes product isn’t rinsed out thoroughly (which is commonly behind the ears).

Once it is all over the scalp and saturated, then massage and press the oil into the skin. We recommend leaving it on for around 10 minutes to learn the sensitivity of your skin, however Gustav leaves the oil on overnight so this does vary for each individual. This product will leave your skin exfoliated and your follicles fabulous!

Secondly make sure you are using the correct haircare and products to care for your scalp. An ingredient which is amazing is rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is anti-inflammatory and builds up the immune system to help your follicles.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are also amazing to supplement and add extra nutrition to the body to help with boosting your hair and skin. Biotin, fish oil, vitamin D are all amazing options. For those of you who are seeing your first few greys, copper is a fantastic mineral which can slow the grey hairs down.