WE ARE GREEN! We are all about natural products and sustainability at Gustav Fouche and have a more sustainable approach to hairdressing by being part of the Green Salon Collective as one of their sustainable salons. 

Being part of this initiative means that our foil and colour tubes, excess colour and bleach and even hair will be recycled and even used to raise money which goes towards Green Salon Collective charities. This is the future of hairdressing as we all need to be more environmentally aware. We are so pleased so be a part of such an amazing initiative!

Recycling hair

Through the green salon collective There are many ways to recycle hair including making hair booms and hair mats to help clean up oil spills as well as using it for gardening and composting. Hair is a great way to add nutrients to the soil so is amazing for planting trees. Plus 100% of any money made selling hair booms and mats goes to charity.

Recycling chemicals

The green salon collective ensures no more excess colour or bleach makes the journey to landfill where it causes problems.

All the chemical waste will be used to generate electricity for the UK National Grid. It is sent to a specialist facility that burns it to ash. The incineration process produces heat and electricity and all chemical waste is burned according to the Offensive Waste guidelines.

Recycling foil/tubes

A major issue for many council collections is that foils are too dirty and contaminated. They risk leaching onto other materials and could make EVERYTHING not fit for recycling!

Every foil with excess colour on it that Green salon collective collect from our salon is colour that is not going down the sink or being sent to landfill.

Recycling plastics

Green salon collective have partnered with local business, First Mile, to handle the tedious task of sorting these plastics, most of which are product bottles, coffee cup lids, carrier bags and PPE.

There are some plastics, however, that cannot be recycled for any number of reasons but this material will be used to generate energy and not be sent to landfill.

You can read more about The Green Salon Collective here or ask any of the stylists in the salon. We want to make sure we make you look fabulous whilst looking after the planet.