Do you wonder how to choose the perfect hair colour for your complexion? When it comes to hair colour it is important to look at skin tone and also eye colour. It is the tones of your facial features and skin which determine the correct hair colour to enhance your complexion for an extra healthy glow. It is through the skill and experience of your colourist to know what colour and undertones will be the most flattering and create expensive looking hair.

As a generalised rule, if your eyes are warm and your skin is cool then you can suit both warm and cool toned hair. If both your eyes and skin are cool then you should go for warmer hair to add some warmth into your skin.

However, you can also look into keeping a colour at the perimeter. With the example of Beyonce they keep the perimeter darker and the hair super blonde. As long as the perimeter (the area on the hairline around your face) is the correct colour for your complexion then the rest of the hair can be a different colour and still look fabulous.

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