Everyday we do lots of things to our hair - wash, brush, comb, dry, apply large amounts of products, and we are usually in a rush when we’re doing these things. Having beautiful healthy hair is achievable by changing a few of our daily hair habits! Principle Stylist Gavin shares a few common mistakes that can cause damage to our hair without us knowing (and how to avoid this!).

Over washing and conditioning your hair

You should cleanse your hair and scalp on a regular basis but only when needed. Over washing can strip the natural oils from the hair and the hair colour will lose vibrancy and shine. Just like over washing your hair, you can also over condition it! Conditioner should only be applied to the lengths and ends of your hair, rather than the scalp area. If you’re putting conditioner on your scalp, it can cause itching and dandruff.

Neglecting your hair

Regular deep conditioning treatments will hydrate the hair and protect it from the elements, this is especially important if you colour your hair. A rich, deep treatment once a week is sufficient.

Mistreating your wet hair

Avoid brushing the hair when it’s wet, rather use a big, wide tooth comb to gently comb the hair after you have washed it. Hair is fragile and weak when it’s wet due to an increased elasticity, and brushing the hair incorrectly will cause breakage. If you shampoo your hair in the shower, brush a comb through it whilst you have the conditioner in, using a wide tooth comb, working your way up from the bottom.

Overuse of hot tools

Always use a heat protector on your hair if you use straighteners, hair dryer or tongs. Heat styling dehydrates the hair, making it brittle and easy to break so be gentle and kind with the hair when using any form of heat. Most importantly, never use straighteners on wet hair as this will cause steam and can burn the hair!

Not having regular appointments

Don’t miss your six week appointment! Having hair appointments every six to eight weeks are very important to maintain your hair and ensure it stays in fabulous condition. By making sure all those dead ends are trimmed off to avoid split ends and knotting.

Too many chemical processes

Hair needs a little bit of time to rest! Try to live with a slight bit of a regrowth as this will prevent overlapping of colour (especially if you use lighteners). If you’d like to pamper yourself with a hair refresh how about treating yourself to a moisturizing hair masque to extend your previous colour with some extra hydration and gloss.

Adjusting our daily hair habits can make a positive difference in the health of your hair, we just need a bit of advice and knowledge! If you have any queries about your hair health we’d love to chat with you. Speak with a stylist at your next appointment to learn more about how you can improve your hair health.