With a new year we are always talking about new hairstyles and trends and for 2023 hair is getting shorter and sexier - the bob is back! We have mentioned over the the past few months that bobs are making their appearance in full force and 2023 is no exception. Bobs are definitely the way to go this year with this trend being seen to take over when it comes to cuts.

With a bob, it is so important to take into account your face shape and the desired texture you want to achieve. You can opt for a French girl bob, boy bob or a super sharp and fierce bob, there are so many delicious options for everyone. At Gustav Fouche we use our 3D dry cutting method which takes all hair factors into consideration: texture, thickness, hairline, face and head shape. These qualities are not visible when hair is wet.  Through this cutting method we will achieve a perfectly falling bob for your hair texture which is easy to style at home. 

If committing to a short bob feels a little too bold for you at the moment, then we are also seeing a lob (long bob) trending in 2023 with middle length hair - not long and not short. This style was huge in the 90’s which is where this trending style is taking its inspiration from. This shoulder length hair is also perfect if you are wanting to lose a few extra inches to give your hair an extra boost in condition and health for the new year whilst still being on trend.

Remember, bobs have so many options and don’t have to just be super blunt but instead lots of layers are here for their 2023 takeover, which when combined with shorter looks can create styles like the shag or wolf cut. Even consider adding a soft fringe to enhance your cheekbones and your facial structure. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours... be a trendsetter this year!