We are very excited to announce the GF Fabulosity product line will be arriving in the salon at the end of this month. The range will be all-natural silicone and sulphate-free hair care products containing ingredients such as shea butter, sea kelp, silk tein, pomegranate seed oil, boabob oil, rice proteins and more. These ingredients will help to cleanse and strengthen your hair and add shine so you can keep your hair looking delicious outside of the salon.

The full product line of 5 shampoos, 5 conditioners and a prewash treatment will be available directly from the Gustav Fouche salon. You will find your perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair type which balances the protein and moisture levels. We can’t wait for you to get to try it and to revolutionise your haircare.

Follow @gffabulosity for product updates and to learn more about the importance of each of our natural ingredients.